MAKROPLUS series N 含成核剂N系列功能性母料

N - nucleating agentMAKROPLUS series N
*is an organic nucleating agent masterbatch.
*The presence of the nucleating agent at the let-down ratio in the range of 3 to 5 % wt. accelerates considerably polypropylene crystallization and reduces the size of spherolites.
Nucleating effect manifests itself in:
*a considerable increase of article transparency, which is mainly observed on injection molded articles with wall thicknesses below 1 mm and also on blow molded items exposed to increased orientation. In both cases the
described effect is enhanced when highly polished molds are used.
*an improved mechanical properties, particularly of flexural modulus
*a reduced cooling time of individual processing technologies
When polypropylene is processed with the addition of this masterbatch, the processing melt temperature has to be kept above 210℃.
* 显著提高了制品的透明度,主要用于壁厚低于1mm的注塑制品和提高吹塑制品的取向性。在这两种情况下,如使用高度抛光的模具,所述效果增强。
* 改进制品的机械性能,特别是弯曲模量
* 减少个体加工工艺的冷却时间