MAKROFLAMis a trade name for flame retarded composite materials based on PP, PE, EVA, ABS, HIPS. The reduced flammability effect is achieved either by adding classical (i.e. halogenated) or halogen free flame retardants. For electrotechnical applications there are included grades having glow wire test value of 960 ℃(EN 60695-2-12) and vertical flame test according to UL94 (EN 60695-11-10).For civil engineering sector there are available composites which comply with requirements according to EN 50086-1, EN 13501-1 and B1 or B2 according to DIN 4102-1.

MAKROFLAM阻燃母料是以PP、PE、EVA、ABS、HIPS为基础载体的阻燃复合材料。通过添加阻燃剂(即卤化)或无卤素阻燃剂来实现降低聚合物的可燃性效果。电工应用等级,通过在960℃(EN 60695-2-12)的辉光丝测试值和根据UL94(EN 60695-11-10)的垂直火焰测试。土木工程领域,有符合EN 500 86-1、EN 13501-1和符合DIN 4102-1的B1或B2等级的复合材料。

MAKROFLAM FRis a trade name for flame retarded masterbatches for fibers, geotextiles,films and stadium seats.

MAKROFLAM FR是用于化纤、土工布、薄膜和体育场座椅的阻燃母料的商标名。

          Burning characteristics 燃烧特性
  Trade mark 商标   UL-94 Glow wire test灼热丝实验 EN50086-1
PP Composites, classical retardation: 聚丙烯复合材料,传统阻燃剂 MAKROFLAM PH 26T20 extrusion 挤出成型 V-0 960 °C -
  MAKROFLAM PH 56T20 injection mold. 注射成型 V-0 960 °C -
  MAKROFLAM PH 76T20 injection mold. 注射成型 V-0 960 °C -
Basic Polymer Grades, classical retardation:基础聚合物等级,传统阻燃剂 MAKROFLAM PH 26/V0 extrusion of PP 聚丙烯挤出成型 V-0 960 °C -
  MAKROFLAM PH 56/V2 injection mold. of PP聚丙烯注射成型 V-0 960 °C -
  MAKROFLAM EH 46/V2 injection mold. of PE 聚乙烯注射成型 V-0 850 °C -
  MAKROFLAM ABS injection mold. 注射成型 V-0 960 °C -
  MAKROFLAM HIPS injection mold.注射成型 V-0 960 °C -
Halogen Free Grades (HFFR):无卤级别 MAKROFLAM PZ 66Y60 injection mold.注射成型 V-0 960 °C -
MAKROFLAM PH15Y30 extrusion挤出成型 V-0 960 °C yes 是
MAKROFLAM PZ15Y65 extrusion挤出成型 V-0 960 °C yes 是
Masterbatches FR for fibers, geotextiles and films 化纤、土工布和薄膜用阻燃母料 MAKROFLAM FR 7019 halogen free无卤 B1, B2 (DIN 4102-1), DIN 75200, FMVSS 302, ISO 3795, UL 94/V2
FR masterbatch 阻燃母料 MAKROFLAM FR-148 injection mold 注射成型 UL 94/V2, V0
Masterbatches FR for stadium seats 体育场座椅用阻燃母料 MAKROFLAM FR-102 B1, B2 (DIN 4102-1), UL 94/ V2
MAKROFLAM FR-103UV injection mold 注射成型

The values of mechanical, thermal and processing parameters are given in individual Material Data Sheets. The above listed grades can also be offered as UV stabilized and/or colored grades.